What’s New 2007


Last year High Definition video production exploded for Channel Three Productions as we announced our acquisition of the Panasonic AG-HVX-200. This year, we have completed many high profile, high-definition projects we wish to detail below.

About the Panasonic AG-HVX-200

This hand-held High Definition camera not only records in the same DVC PRO 720p HD format of the Panasonic VariCam, but is also capable of 1080p High Definition resolution. And all the variable frame rates including slow-mo and time lapse effects are recorded directly with the camera, allowing effects to be shot and seen immediately without the need for post-production. The tape-less recording option using P2 technology reduces editing time as the footage is transferred quickly in the field rather than digitizing from tapes in an editing suite. Using a Mac or PC laptop, the DVCPRO HD material can be edited in the field because no expensive bulky playback decks are needed. This package offers our clients a high-end option well below industry HD production rates. The HVX-200 also records broadcast-quality standard definition in DVC Pro-50 on the P2 cards or on DV tape. The footage can be shot in 4:3, letterbox or wide screen format and in 24p, 30p or 60i modes.


This August, Channel Three Productions won a state-wide bid to produce a multiple screen High Definition video presentation for Sam Houston Sate University’s new Visitor Center. The Grand Opening of the new Visitor Center HD presentation has recently been announced as taking place on April 27th, 2007, at 4:00PM. This announcement coincides with learning that the standard definition DVD version was just selected as a Telly Award winner in the Recruiting category. The Telly Awards, founded in 1978, is the premier award honoring outstanding video/film production and receives over 13,000 entries annually. This marks Channel Three Productions’ 20th Telly Award we have won since 1989.

“Where Education Is Up Close and Personal”, was shot with two of the new Panasonic HVX-200 cameras that came to market in April 2006. The project, shot in 720/24p, was perfectly suited for the large projection screen and surrounding plasma screens running off new MPEG servers provided by Adtec Digital in the new SHSU Visitor Center. In addition to the five center screens, two additional plasma screens in the rear of the auditorium and four plasma screens in the atrium display six separate streams of graphics and HD footage looped onto HD DVD’s and playing off new HD DVD players.

The eleven minute piece contains all the information a prospective college student would want to know about “Sam”, as SHSU is affectionately called. Along with multi-layered screen images, the presentation includes snappy soundbites from students and faculty, panoramic crane shots, cool time-lapse FX and fun, animated bumpers. The standard def DVD includes options for 4:3 or 16:9 as well as Spanish or English and separate chapter points for Academics, Athletics, Resident Life, etc. The video was produced under the guidance of Joey Chandler, Director of the Visitor Center and Kris Ruiz, SHSU Marketing Director.

The project was a labor of love for the two original founders of Channel Three Productions, Brad Ruekberg (President, Channel Three Productions) and Michael Schrengohst (President, MotionZoneHD, a HD stock footage clearinghouse). Brad served as Writer-Director-Camera Op while Michael served as DP and editor, working in both AfterEffects and Final Cut Pro-HD. The Panasonic HVX-200’s allowed Brad and Mike to capture HD footage on the camera’s P2 cards and then to instantly download the material onto a laptop into a time-line, saving valuable hours in post-production.

DVD’s of “Where Education Is Up Close & Personal” will be made upon request and a link to the video is posted on our Demo Reel page. But to get the full effect of this production, we encourage everyone to get “up close and personal” with the multi-screen HD presentation at the SHSU Visitor Center.

For more information on Sam Houston State University, please visit www.shsu.edu


Cousins Properties unveiled a new interactive 1080p kiosk presentation in the marketing center of Lincoln Centre featuring a dynamic 2:00 minute piece entitled “Expect Greatness” shot by Channel Three Productions. The breath-taking 1080p HD imagery was captured over two and a half days using two of our HVX-200 HD cameras as well as a Nikon still camera shooting dazzling time lapse sequences including sunrises and sunsets. The Lincoln Centre property houses a Hilton Hotel, offers a host of great restaurants and amenities and is the home to Atmos Energy and many other corporate tenants. Channel Three Productions worked with Royce Richmond & Co., an advertising and design firm with a wealth of experience in the graphic, website, and signage industry and we plan on many future collaborations with Royce and his team.


Shooting in High Definition with progressive scan as opposed to interlaced scan between frames offers a rich “film-look” ideal for TV commercials. The image is down-converted to 480 and may be cropped or letter-boxed to fit on standard TV screens. Similar success can be found in shooting spots in 24p or 30p, even in standard size 480, whether on the camera’s P2 cards or on the DV tape. Deciding which format to shoot in depends on the physical nature of what is being filmed and what is the desired look. The TV spots featured below were shot in various modes but all were eventually output to a 29.97 standard definition BetaCam SP for the TV stations. Soon, we anticipate being able to easily upload spots directly to TV station servers, just as we already provide to many of our corporate clients.

A new Seconds & Surplus spot was created and recently aired that we shot in 720/24p and was then down-converted and cropped. The spot, produced with DFW Media Group, was shot on location inside the huge warehouse store, entailing an extensive daylight-balanced lighting package. Last year, three spots were created, each with spokeswoman and film-style cutaways of the flooring, doors and kitchen departments.

Likewise, these College Recruiting spots were filmed in 720/24p for Plattform Advertising of Kansas City, MO. Shot in three days at a Houston studio against green screen, over two dozen Houston actors discussed their career ambitions and experiences while supporting visuals swirled around them. Plattform, a direct-response marketing and advertising agency offers enrollment solutions for the education industry and the military.

For National Listing Service, this spot was filmed in DVC-Pro 50 on the P2 cards in the 480/30p mode. No cropping was necessary, but the spot was shot 4:3 letterbox to give it a more HD look and also to facilitate graphics over the top and bottom of the screen. Channel Three Productions worked with Bagwell Marketing on this spot and are currently working together on several spots for other new retail clients.

The Apple Orthodontix spot was shot 480/24p, (with game footage provided on BetaCam SP.) Starring 2007 All Star Josh Howard of the Dallas Mavericks, it was one of the most heavily played spots in DFW and a definite fan fave. Filmed at American Airlines Center Mavericks practice gym with an enthusiastic group of young fans attending a clinic, a tour and co-starring in the spot with Josh, filming on DV tape was an attractive option in order to be able to continuously roll on all the action. Josh Howard was able to free-style his moves and his lines and came out looking great! We expect a lot more spots out of Josh (as well as a few rings).

Several other local spots shot on DV tape in 24p or 30p include:


In the past year, Channel Three Productions President, Brad Ruekberg, has served as DP/Field Producer for Platinum Television Group on over 15 episodes of network cable shows including Travel Channel “Great Taste”, Discovery Channel “Pulse on America,” ABC Family “Today’s Family” and Healthy Living Network “Health South”, among others. Platinum Television Group (PTG Studios) of Deerfield Beach, Florida, first contracted with Brad in April of 2007, for a program on treatment center for young men near Little Rock, Arkansas for “Today’s Family.” Since that time, PTG has steadily utilized Channel Three for programs shot in Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio and the Hill country on subjects ranging from resort destinations to spelling bees.


Since 1999, Channel Three has been privileged to hold (and renew) a contract with The Texas Department of Transportation in creating several dozen electrical training and safety videos for TxDOT inspectors and construction contractors. We received a double Telly Award in 2002 for the “High Mast Pole Series,” which was awarded Telly’s in the categories of Safety and Animation. Among the products completed in the past year was “Roadway Illumination Foundations,” featuring drilling and setting of poles in Freeport, New Braunfels, Tyler and Dallas. A new video on Electrical Services was developed as a DVD that the viewer could use to get specific information on each part of the electrical service enclosure. Our two latest projects concern specific types of lighting fixtures and how to focus them, which has entailed a great deal of night-time shooting, including from atop large bucket trucks positioned thirty feet above the lighting fixture.

While most of our TxDOT projects have been shot on BetaCam SP, we are starting to incorporate the lightweight and low-light HVX-200 including the time lapse and slow-mo features.


Channel Three Productions is extremely proud of the relationship we have had with Frito-Lay and PepsiCo since 1987. We have produced over a 100 videos for virtually every department at Frito-Lay and more recently at parent company PepsiCo and sister companies Quaker Oats and Tropicana. In 2006-2007, projects included “Plant Quality Monitoring”, which shows the processes for centralized testing of product samplings from plants across the country. A series of E-Learning Modules were developed for Sales Operations that involved digital stills and video taken at distribution centers in Fort Worth and Tampa. Thousands of DVD’s pertaining to initiatives in product code dating were distributed across the U.S. Old and new processes were shown in the video, while the initiative was explained by route sales reps and management we filmed in San Antonio and Honolulu, as well as several senior executives shot against our portable green-screen. We are completing several modules for a program called ResourceFuL Leadership, which also utilizes senior executive messages shot against our green screen. The programs include scripted vignettes mixing professional actors and Frito-Lay staff that present plant senior and middle management with various situations in which the appropriate response can be critical to becoming an effective leader at Frito-Lay.